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Top 5 Skateboarding Apps

Top 5 Skateboarding Apps

If you are a skater, you may want to consider having a good app installed on your phone. Some apps are specially designed to help skaters with their training, filming, editing, park location, etc. In this article, we are going to share with you some popular skateboarding apps that are available on iOS and Android devices.

Some of these apps are free, while some other apps will charge a minimum fee for using their apps. Many people leave good reviews on these popular apps. These good reviews will show the overall reputation and quality of these apps.


Shreddit: Skateboarding

It is one of the most popular skateboarding apps on the market today. There are some interesting features that are available on this app. It allows you to find thousands of skate spots and skateparks in the world. You can also check-in to any spots or parks, so you can tell your friends where you are.


After you install this app, you can watch some skate tutorials and read some step-by-step instructions. Shreddit allows you to share some photos, video links, and status with your friends or followers on this social media platform. This app will cover every need for all skateboarders.


Skate Dice

If you love doing some skate tricks regularly, you may want to install SkateDice in your smartphone. This app has four spinners that will select any skateboard tricks for you to perform randomly. Skate Dice will give you some ideas on how you can perform some new trick combos every day.

The four spinners on this app may represent the spin, heelflip/kickflip, backside/frontside, and stance. Each combo of these four movements can be challenging and fun to attempt. You can try some different combos for enjoying your skateboarding experience with your lovely friends and group member


Riders Skateboarding

Many skateboard users love installing this app on their smartphones. It will be a perfect tool for you who want to learn some tricks of the skateboarding game. This is a must-have app for everyone who loves doing skateboarding. You need to ensure that you download the app that is specifically created for skateboarding.

Once you install this app, you can find a lot of instructional video lessons on the system. You can also watch some video clips from other users performing any skateboarding ticks. This app also allows you to upload your video when you are ready to share some of your skateboarding videos.



This app is suitable for you who love creating some videos of your skateboarding experience. You can film and also take photos of yourself when doing this skateboarding activity. This app has more than 80 free songs that you can include in your video clips.

You can also combine some highlight videos of your best tricks into one single video easily. It is one of the best video editor apps that you can install on your phone now. You are allowed to add up to 60 video clips in total.


Own The Spot

If you love doing skateboarding, you may want to install this app on your smartphone. This app allows you to discover some new skate spots easily. You can also engage with some local skaters around you, so you will enjoy your skateboarding experience with them.

If you find some new skate spots, you can also contribute by sharing some new spots with the other users on the system. Own the Spot also allows you to share your videos or photos of your skateboarding activity with your friends or other users from this Own the Spot app.

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  • Jaime Pinto
    Jaime Pinto May 17, 2024

    Toca actualizar.. Las app para Android no salen en play..

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