There are no limits to how far you can go with skating. More than just a sport or hobby, skating reflects the true personality of strong-willed, adventurous, and passionate individuals. Caprock Skateboards is all about giving you the best experience in the right environment. Here is how we do it.

Who Are We?

Caprock Skateboards is a rising skate company that features a comprehensive range of exceptional skateboards and accessories. We are based in Texas, USA, and we have rapidly become a popular hub for skateboards.

A word from our founder

Growing up as a kid, skating has always been a lifelong dream for me. Since I was 10, I envisioned having my own skateboarding business. Though the ambition seemed lofty at such an early age, I dedicated my time to finding sponsors from different skateboarding companies.

I got more challenged and started to train more. Consequently, I got better at skating. By 12, I had already gotten my first sponsorship from a smaller company which spurred me to look into what it means to truly be part of a skating family. By now, I already knew that skateboarding was an invaluable part of my life. Years later, after graduating high school, I began to find partners and get to work on making Caprock Skateboards become a reality.

-Alec Benton

What Do We Do?

We provide everything you need to enjoy your skating on the road. We have the best skateboards, apparel, and accessories in the market. Caprock Skateboards offers you the best options in the market, whether you are looking for a complete kit or certain parts. Check out our store.

 Mission Statement

Deliver Top-Quality products to empower skateboarders all over the world. We are not just another skateboarding brand; we are here to make a difference by promoting the sport's grandeur at the highest level with our amazing products. We want to reinforce the idea of helping our customers follow their passion.

Vision Statement

To be established as a single, solid platform that reinforces skateboarding as an elite sport worldwide. We envision more and more people knowing the invaluable role of skating in our lives.

Core Values

  • Innovation: We put your convenience first by finding advanced ways of serving you better. 
  • Empowerment: We search for strong-minded and determined skateboarders to empower them with the knowledge and equipment needed to suit their lifestyle.
  • Environmental sustainability: Our eco-friendly mode of transportation reaffirms just how much we care about our environment.
  • Passion: You can skate like a pro no matter who you are. Passion and commitment are the most important values for us because they drive us to surpass expectations.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among Competitors?

Here is what makes this brand different:

  • Exceptional designs: Enjoy unique and creative designs with Caprock Skateboards. We operate at industry standard and offer various inspiring designs to match your brand style and goals.
  • One-stop-shop: Our comprehensive business line makes skateboarding much safer and enjoyable for skateboard lovers. Our trendy apparel and accessories perfectly complement our skateboard decks.
  • Superior quality: We believe in building trust across our audience. So, we always strive to deliver exceptional quality decks and accessories to special customers. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to product and service quality with us.
  • Smooth shipping: We provide multiple payment methods for purchasing items safely. Also, shipping is fast, and you can track your products easily.

Let’s Go Skating!

The interest in skating has surged remarkably in recent years, and Caprock Skateboarding is here to give you all the fun you deserve. Our products are simply irresistible, and we are confident about meeting your needs. So wait no more, and shop with us today.