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How to Ollie: Building Off the Fundamentals
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How to Ollie: Building Off the Fundamentals

Skateboarding is a dynamic sport that combines skill, creativity, and adrenaline. Among the array of tricks, the ollie stands out as the fundamental building block for many advanced maneuvers. Learning how to ollie higher not only adds flair to your style but also opens doors to conquering new obstacles. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the techniques and strategies that will help you achieve sky-high ollies, step by step.

Skateboarder doing an ollie during the day

1. Understanding the Ollie

Before you attempt to soar higher on your skateboard, it's essential to comprehend the mechanics of the ollie. At its core, the ollie involves using your feet to manipulate the skateboard's position in the air. Here's a breakdown of the fundamental steps:

Pop: Use your back foot to forcefully strike the tail of the skateboard against the ground, generating a "pop" that lifts the board off the surface.

Slide: Simultaneously, as the tail pops, drag your front foot upwards toward the skateboard's nose. This sliding motion levels out the board and prepares it for flight.

Jump and Tuck: As the skateboard begins to rise, initiate a jump while pulling your knees up towards your chest. This compact position helps maximize your height potential.

Skateboarder doing an ollie on a ledge

2. Perfecting the Timing

Timing is everything in skateboarding, especially when attempting higher ollies. A well-executed ollie involves seamless coordination between the pop, slide, and jump. To fine-tune your timing:

Practice Slowly: Isolate each step of the ollie and practice them separately. This will help you understand the timing required for each movement.

Combine Movements: Gradually merge the movements back together, focusing on achieving fluidity and synchronization.

Visualize Success: Mentally rehearse the ollie with precise timing. Visualization can enhance muscle memory and boost your confidence when attempting the trick.

Skateboarder ollying onto platform in front of graffiti wall

3. Commitment and Balance

As you aim for greater heights, maintaining commitment and balance becomes paramount:

Stay Centered: Keep your weight centered over the skateboard. This prevents the board from tilting excessively in any direction.

Eyes on the Prize: Focus your gaze on the skateboard throughout the ollie. This will help you stay connected to the board's movement and ensure accurate execution.

Landings Matter: Practicing controlled landings after each ollie attempt is crucial. Maintaining balance upon landing prepares you for higher jumps and more advanced tricks.

Skater ollieing over grass obstacle

4. Consistent Practice

Becoming a proficient skateboarder takes time and effort. To ollie higher consistently:

Start Small: Begin with lower ollies and gradually work your way up to higher ones. This progressive approach builds confidence and minimizes the risk of injury.

Set Goals: Set achievable height goals for your ollies. Incrementally increase the height as you improve, celebrating each milestone.

Regular Sessions: Dedicate consistent practice sessions to perfecting your ollie technique. Repetition is key to muscle memory and skill development.

Skateboarder doing an ollie off of stair set

5. Physical Conditioning

Enhancing your physical strength and flexibility can significantly impact your ollie height:

Lower Body Workouts: Engage in exercises such as squats, calf raises, and lunges to strengthen your legs and core.

Flexibility Routines: Incorporate stretching routines to maintain flexibility, aiding in higher jumps and improved board control.

Cardiovascular Fitness: Strong cardiovascular health enhances your overall endurance, allowing you to perform multiple ollies during a session.



Elevating your ollies to new heights is a rewarding journey that demands a blend of technique, timing, and practice. Remember, there are no shortcuts in skateboarding – dedication and perseverance are your allies. By following these steps and immersing yourself in the process, you'll find yourself soaring higher on your skateboard than ever before. Embrace the challenge, stay consistent, and let the sky be your limit.

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