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The Ultimate Guide to Skating at Night
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The Ultimate Guide to Skating at Night

Do you know that you may get the best experience when skateboarding at night? Many people enjoy the feel  and environment of skateboarding at night. In this article, we are going to discuss some important things about skating at night, and how you can properly prepare yourself. There are some details that you need to know, so you wont run into problems in the future.


Benefits of Skateboarding at Night


  • The streets are usually empty


    The streets are usually emptier at night than in the daytime. There are fewer cars on the streets. For many night skaters, this condition will be a perfect situation for them. You will be able to enjoy your skating without having to worry about any cars that will be running you over.


    • Best time to practice your skills


    You may feel uncomfortable when you want to practice your skateboarding skills in the daytime. Many people are going to look at you and notice any mistakes you make on your skateboarding. It will make you feel nervous when you are trying to do some new tricks and failing in front of other people. Therefore, you may want to consider skateboarding at night for getting the best experience for practicing some new skateboarding skills or tricks.


    • Peaceful


    Night skating may be peaceful for most skaters. When you are the only one skating around the streets or any skate parks, you may feel relaxed and comfortable. You will never forget your experience skating at night. This activity is suitable for you who love skating alone without having to meet a lot of people around you.


    How to Skateboard at Night


    • Choose the right places to skateboard


    There are a lot of skate spots that are available around you. Some of these places include garages, skate parks, city streets, on-campus areas, parking lots, etc. Some skate parks stay open after sunset. They will offer a great experience for all skaters who want to enjoy their skating with less crowd. These quiet places can allow you to do some new tricks and practice your skills easily because you don’t have to meet a lot of people when doing this at night.


    • Always wear reflective clothing


    Choosing the right clothing will be very important for you who want to be safe while skating at night. Black clothes, such as black jackets or black T-shirts will be invisible at night. Drivers or other people won’t be able to see you clearly when you are skateboarding. Therefore, you should consider wearing reflective clothing with some bright colors, such as bright red, yellow, or white.


    • Use Skateboard Safety Lights


    Although you have already used your reflective clothing and a protective helmet, you still need to prepare your skateboard. You can install some safety lights on the board before you start night skating. Some lights are able to produce an underglow effect, so they will draw attention to your skateboard. They will help you stay visible at night. These skateboard safety lights can also be used to help you see the road in front of yourself.


    • Use a headlamp


    This is an important accessory that you need to have, especially when you want to enjoy skating at night. A headlamp can be the easiest and cheapest way to provide enough light to the road in front of you. You can navigate your skateboard easily through some dark streets and dark alleys. The headlamp should be attached to the helmet, so you don’t have to hold the lamp when doing this night skating.


    • Always bring friends with you


    It is highly recommended for you to avoid skating at night alone because it could be dangerous. You may consider having some friends around you. It will be a good safety tip for you who want to skate safely. You can also read reviews from some popular skate spots before you visit them at night. By reading some of these reviews, you can find some safe places to skate safely.

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